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Why the Mountain Needs to Be Moved

December 2020

Years ago as I wrote the first book, “The Book of Now” there was a passage about moving the mountain. It went like this: People in physical form can do what people in spirit form cannot, and we in spirit can do what physical cannot. You can move the mountains; we can inspire and see the bigger picture of why the mountain needs to be moved.

I got the concept- we physical people can’t see the larger picture like the spirit world sees. Also, we in pyhsical world have body mass which means we can move things. Now, years later, I understand on a deeper level. More than an intellectual understanding, I now experience what the mountain was and why it had to be moved.

In a recent journal entry the mountain was written about.- I’ve moved mountains!! Now there are mountains of goodness in front of me. Before there were mountains of struggle. Moving the mountains was about letting go of negative energy- fear, anger, depression. It took a long time, and now I’m so very grateful for the change. We, you (my spirit guides) and I have talked for years about moving mountains. The guides can tell me why the mountain needs to be moved and why it is my job to move it. (they can see but cannot move) We teamed up apparently because the mountains of struggle have moved. The mountains of peace, joy, and love is the replacement. I no longer suffer. I experience the greatness and I am grateful. Largely, I avoid negative energy these days. That includes gossip. What keeps coming back to me is more and more positive-ness.

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