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March 2020

All is well in some realm or another. On the physical realm of planet Earth Coronavirus is creating illness and death. In the physical realm, the virus is not good. What about in a different realm?

Yes, all is well in a different realm. The virus is serving a purpose. In this realm/dimension, we see the microscopic virus changing the planet, serving the purpose of equalizing. The playing field is being leveled.

We are here to proudly say that Earth will survive and humans will come into order. On the previous path, humans were leading Earth towards destruction. Now, humans will adjust and fit in with the order of life on earth. There is no judgment or blame so please don’t take it on. It’s just that humans developed more quickly in biological/physical intellectual abilities. I say, physical meaning brain adaptations and development. Humans can more easily use words to express thought. That ability gives an advantage. The problem then, became a reliance on words which would become proven thus scientific. In reality, facts and truths exist without words. Need I use words to prove or disprove a balance? Can an imbalance be perceived without words? Did people know of discord on Earth before the virus? Mostly yes.

You need to know that all is not coming to an end. Life will go on. Don’t live in fear. I’m speaking to the masses. If you want to make life easier or make life more difficult, non fear or fear will make the difference.

And now, there have been conversations about systems needing to collapse before new systems could be put into place. It is coming to pass. It is necessary. There will be fear, but look beyond. This small little virus is breaking down systems that needed to be corrected. It is time but don’t despair. The new Earth structures will serve the masses, not just those at the top. EVERYONE must create the change. A question is, How does everyone participate? Where is your voice- your power. In answer, know that it will show up. Not every voice or every power will be the same. Watch for the unfolding. Take your place, your position, your stance, your action. Be aware and be willing to help create change.

This is wonderful good news in the overall picture. Remember that many people were choosing between food, medicine, shelter or dying. Remember too that the planet was being killed off. Of course we are all aware of the suffering from the virus. We are also aware of suffering before the virus outbreak. Were you aware of the imbalance before the virus? Did you see it? Was a fix available?

The problems are now noticeable. As with the virus, there is much movement in the unseeable. There is an invisible realm where everything is working out. In time, life/peace/Earth will co-exist. The new path has begun.

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